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Mar 10, 2013 10:00am PDT
almost 20%, who are not affiliated with any religion. how might they influence american politics? >> welcome. >> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you th u at the vatican, as the catholic cardinals chose this coming tuesday to begin the papal conclave, more groundwork was laid this week for the selection of the new pope. our managing editor, kim lawton, reports from rome. >> since monday, the cardinals have been gathering for a series of meetings --what they call "congregations" -- to discuss the future of the catholic church. >> that's where they meet and have speeches, listen to each other, do some logistical planning for the conclave. some of it's very boring. but the important part that they do there was actually talk about some of the issues that face the church and what they think is needed. >> father thomas reese is doing analysis of the papal transition for national catholic reporter. he says the cardinals' most essential work this week took place outside the meetings. >> over the coffee breaks, over dinner and lunch where the cardinals have a chance to talk t
Mar 3, 2013 6:30pm PST
religion includes religion and non-religion. so this country is fundamentally secular. we shouldn't bring in one specific, not even just christianity, but one specific version of christianity that would not teach what the catholics or the hindus or the muslims or the atheists believe in the public schools and teach it instead of established science. >> do you ever wake up in the morning and say, "hey, i'm only 19. i've got rice, tough school to get out of and get started in my life, in my work. why am i doing this?" >> i don't think it's a choice. i think it's something that has to be done. and i'm the one who's in the right position to do it, so i'm going to do it. >> well, zack, i've enjoyed this conversation, and i wish you well. thank you for coming. >> thank you so much for having me on. >> zack kopplin is just the latest in a long line of dissenters and freethinkers. since america's beginning, every generation has had to engage in the battle over freedom of religion and freedom from religion -- whether it's roger williams fighting puritan intolerance in new england, the deism
Mar 3, 2013 10:00am PST
list of religions and denominations, and asked which one is theirs, they say, in effect, none of the above. last fall we did a well-received series on the nones, who they are, what they believe, and we want to revisit those stories today and in the next two weeks. our partner in theeriewas the pew forum on religion and public life, where greg smith is a senior researcher. >> almost one in five american adults, 20%, describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated. that equates to about 46 million adults in the united states, so this is a big, growing, important group in american society. to see its continued growth at this kind of rapid rate has been very striking. >> striking indeed. in the early 1990s just under 10% were unaffiliated. since then that number has doubled. about 13 million are atheists and agnostics. 33 million more describe their religion as "nothing in particular." by education and income and other common measurements, the nones are very much like americans as a whole. except for age. >> about one-third of all american adults under the age of 30 describe themselves a
Mar 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
given religion - it's to give us the skills so if you are interested in going on further, that you'll be able to pursue it, so that's the key there. before taking a couple more questions, we are actually kind of waving good-bye to our first dimension as we move down the pike. but good-bye's not the same - we want to keep these dimensions together. we're going to - i'm kind of excited - we're going to move into myth in particular, but myth and ritual, and in this class, i want to talk about the relationship of myth, ritual, and include religious experience, so we're going to be doing that also. but before launching into this great leap into the next segment of the course, i just want to take a few more questions on buddhism, or comments or insights that you had. yeah? >> when i think of christianity or judaism, i think of community, families - the thing with hinduism and buddhism are the men seem isolated from the women, and the men are social people; it seems - i want the family to be brought into it, i guess because of my christian background, i see worship as a family unit. a
Mar 7, 2013 7:30pm PST
say, "oh, america is a christian nation." and 88 percent of the people who are some form of religion in this country are christians, so you can say anything you want, i suppose, and get away with it. but not really so, a christian nation, because the first amendment to the u.s. constitution separates church and state. however, i always like to say, "well, in some senses, it's a christian nation, but it most certainly is a jewish nation, because that whole creation, liberation, exodus, making of a holy land - we've got towns around here called zion or new canaan or whatever - what the whole drama - and again, i'm not making this up, folks, as dave barry would say - the ministers on the boats, like the arabella , coming into the plymouth colonies, actually gave sermons that replicate or bring out the whole old testament drama, so we get a feel of these kinds of things there. let me move - before we take a couple of questions here - i want to get to our rabbi bronstein, because what makes this class work is you don't have to listen to some religious studies professor talk about somebody
Mar 3, 2013 1:00am EST
blinking stoplight and no movie theaters. religion is what people did. everyone went to church and my father cahan was more conservative than the average person in the town. we were not permitted to wear pants, shorts, no alcohol, no dancing, no musical instruments in our church of christ. so is not some of ways i was quiet home in saudi arabia. i devoted my time to try to figure this country out because it is the one arab country street -- and truly strategic not because it is only the largest exporter of oil that sustains for western rail of life, but because i'm convinced will be critical with the ultimate resolution of islam that is going on between radical jihad is and more modernizing and that goes on inside saudi arabia. to understand the society it is like someone coming here to write a book about america you could not go to washington or new york and claimed to understand america so i had to be confident i could get outside of riyadh, there washington, and i was permitted over the five years, i went all over the country and i saw all kinds of people, the royal family but for
Mar 9, 2013 8:00am EST
, one blinking stoplight and no movie theaters. so religion was what people did. everyone went to church. and my father was far more conservative than the average person in the town. we were not permitted the to wear pants, shorts, no alcohol, no dancing, no musical instruments in our church of christ. so in lots of ways i was quite at home in saudi arabia. [laughter] i devoted my time to trying to figure this country out precisely because i think it is the one arab country that is truly strategic not only because it is the world's largest exporter of oil which sustains the western way of life, but because saudi arabia, i am convinced, will be critical in the ultimate resolution of what is the proper islam which is going on now between the radical jihadists, if you will, and the more modernizing muslims. and that very battle also goes on inside saudi arabia. to try to understand the society, i knew that it's like someone coming here to write a book about america. you wouldn't be able to go to washington and and claim to understand america. so i had to be confident that i could get
Mar 2, 2013 4:30pm EST
books. and after that, he invented the religion, it's called scientology. well, what is scientology exactly? there's a lot to know about it. it's a very different world view created by a writer who had the specialty of science fiction. and so there are many elements in scientology that sound like science fiction. they were written by somebody who had written similar things in much of his fiction. in scientology, the idea is that you are an immortal soul. in scientology that is called -- you have lived before and you'll live again. what scientology can help you do is remember the past lifetime and achieve your salvation. it's good news to a lot of people. and in the course of therapy that scientology has is called auditing. the auditor, between you and your auditor, there's a device, it's called an emitter. two cans, you hold two cans. in the old day it is used to be campbell soup cans with the label scraped off. there's a wire connecting it to a meter and a small amount of electricity passing through the wire. it's one-third of the lie detector. it doesn't measure your pulse or res
Mar 6, 2013 12:00am PST
people make that argument. they think religion will dominate the powers of the state rather than democratic values? >> yes. i think for many reasons. first is the historical reasons is that when you look at what is happening in the middle east to reduce islamic world so to speak. i speak about most leave countries to the arab world. if you look at the arab no will democracies over there. so we think it has to do with religion. i has nothing to do with religions first because the arab world is not islam. the great majority of the muslims are not arabs. that's why this has to do with democracy. the second thing is the perception that islams alien to all the values and islam has no take on all these principles. that's why they should say rule of law equals citizenship, universal coverage, accountability. these principles are not against islamic frame of reference. >> rose: but are they principles where there are islamic majorities in government that they, those islamic majorities want to either create or to put in the process. >> i think it's what we saw whatever was, whatever were
Mar 5, 2013 9:30pm PST
while we don't have jurisdiction over religion in the same way we don't over sexual orientation, what we're seeing in all of these -- and all of these are case by case, you can't just broad sweep the laws -- when students are bullied and harassed in this world because of religion, in most instances a lot of that is not about race or religion, it's because. perception that students that share certain religious traits also share certain ethnicities and that is discrimination and that falls under title 6. it is not just about enforcing the laws that make it clear how the laws apply. it is, though, as we said, you can't get at this through enforcement alone. this is a culture that tolerates this and in too many ways promotes it. as tom mentioned we have an unprecedented partnership not just between our agencies but agencies across the federal government that the president has convened to bring our best resources and minds to bear to do something about it. there is now a web site, where a tool kit is being developed and these kinds of best practices are being promoted. the
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Mar 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
attacking his religion which is not true. i never discussed his religion. i was pointing out that his constituents, american people deserve to know whether he spent a lot of time with going around with farrakhan and khalid abdul mohammad. you may not be familiar with him but i thought i would my for you what this vile human being has said about people in the past, jewish people. he is a sitting member of congress, sharing the stage with this guy? watch this. >> sean: here is reaction is the chief strategist for the tea party and radio host, david web, what was your reaction when you find out that apparently there is even a spokesperson for louis farrakhan and was associated with him and mohammad sharing the stage. what does that say about ellison? >> what it says he chooses the people he agrees with. let's call it what it is. what our parents taught us, who you associate with is who you are. he doesn't need them for political power but he chooses to associate with them. he also plays another game now he is saying it's religion, it's going for that protected class, if you are a muslim.
Mar 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
everything and saying everything's religion, but what we're trying to say is that some of the most fundamental kinds of things that people do in terms of behavior get enlarged in the religious context. sure. >> i wanted to take the idea of the eucharist and say that we find that in the incas, with their ritual of presenting a heart from a living creature. all around the world, long before judaism or christianity came into being, this same idea of, the symbolism. >> yes, the beating heart. and of course, you may know, if you know a little history, that the early christians were accused of being cannibals. they would go in and they'd be eating flesh and drinking blood, and in their cultic stage, that was a real problem. >> there was a comment made some years ago, and probably many years ago at this point, but one of the problems that seem to be rising out of the change in the catholic mass, the roman mass, from the latin mass to the english mass, or at least as it's celebrated in the united states, was the loss of the mystery and the symbolism that was inherent in latin, and that was
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Mar 5, 2013 10:30am PST
religion. [ laughter ] -- we would not have a religion. >> no. [cheers and applause] >> steve: thank you so much for joining us, mr. bloodsworth. kirk bloodsworth,
Mar 10, 2013 4:30pm PDT
catholics back it which brings us to this week's big question. what does this say about religion in america, when americans are so willing to set their own moral courses. david? >> i think america's civic religion, pervasive thing americans believe is libertarianism. don't tread on me is our national motto whether you're republican or democrat. chris: i think naturally protestant. >> i think it's all about demographic. i think younger people by overwhelming margin of support gay marriage. >> i would agree with both of those and add that it's just -- these things take time. as more people know more gay couples and they see there are families like the rest of us, then it changes attitude. chris: my fellow catholic, we were talking about three of us, for of us, will that have any influence on the selection of the next pope? >> zip. i mean, there are so many gays electing the next pope, who knows -- chris: the cardinals? >> yes. >> -- whether that would happen. the most interesting thing, all christian denominations, all christian denominations favor except one, white evangelicals who oppose it
Mar 4, 2013 4:30am PST
writing on facebook that because of her religion that being dillon's her ligoyalty is towar the muslim religion. that posting says dillon is not a republican. party leaders denouncing the comments as racist and hateful. dillon quickly brushing them off as well. >> in any group of 1,600 delegates you're going to have a few crazy people and bigots. our party is no different. >> the federation of republican women say it's deciding whether to punish the member who made the post and attack. >>> the commercial supply capsule dragon docked with the international space station. station astronauts used a robotic arm to grab the supply ship. a clogged pressure line or stuck valve prevented the dragon's thrusters from working and it took flight controllers several hours to actually gain control and salvage the mission. in the end the dragon arrived a day late with its one-ton load. also onboard are plant experiments. spacex is run by pay pal and tesla founder he'elon musk. >>> queen elizabeth in the hospital. >> i'm honored to be here and receive this award. i appreciate it. >> a hollywood
Mar 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
: head of federation of republican women wrote on facebook i was told because of her religion her royalty is to the muslim religion. she is not republican. dylan is not muslim. >> you will have a few crazy people. our party is no different. >> reporter: party leaders denounce the comment as racist and hateful. >> as i said we will go by our bylaws. she has her chance and opportunity to oblige. >> i can't believe this is what we have been spending our time wasting around doing. in the meantime the democrats in the capitol. >> reporter: she refused to answer a reporter's question. there was no sign of her in the delegation just before the votes were tallied and declared a winner. dhillon becomes the first woman to be republican vice chair in california. party leaders say the win shows the gop is changing. >>> it has been nearly five decades since an attack in alabama. the unexpected apology they got this weekend. >>> i don't know the right answer right now but i'm going to do something. it just has to happen. if i sit and wait nothing is going to happen. >> he is young and ready to make a c
Mar 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
documented and that affects not only the catholic church but every religion that a growing number of people have no trouble with god, no trouble with faith but they have a lot probables with religion and with the church. fur us as catholics, that's a tough one because we always see jesus and his church as one. so to restore that sense of luster and reform and purity to the church to attract more people, that's another one we hear about. you hear again about want new evangelization. how are we going to win back those nations especially in europe that are nominally catholic but have drifted from catholic fervor. you hear about the growing churches in asia and latin america and africa where there's more people than they know what to do with, where there's massive material needs. they need more such of churches. they need more schools and hospitals. they need more priests and sisters and qualified lay leaders. you hear all about the joys. you hear all about the sorrows. it's a magnificent symphony in the life of the church they find very embracing very uplifting. >> schieffer: well, t
Mar 4, 2013 3:00am PST
, there's no question of religion, of color of skin, or anything like that. people can be all beautiful. it depends on who they are, but it is not a question of color. for me, both of us were beautiful. and i loved color. color of the skin. tattoo on the skin, which is a kind of color. some blue colors that you add. and i wanted to show that. when i started, i remember that there were some beautiful girls. they're beautiful. but i felt like, ok, but there is also beauty. i have a girlfriend which was modeling for me that i met very early when i started that was from a french colony. she was beautiful and black and very inspiring, very nice. i say, yes, why not. for me, a difference was beautiful. they looked to me, and i wanted to show it. another kind of different was the fact that when i saw farida, i said, my god, she is incredible. i was very impressed by her beauty. very frightened even by her beauty. she was kind of a very arrogant imperial. and african and beauty with a special expression. not arrogant. but beautiful. i said, i want to show this girl which is different. does not
Mar 5, 2013 12:35am PST
if you like music, we have bad religion on the show tonight! [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: oh, man. >> jimmy: it is just fantastic. it's fun. i'm so excited. as you guys know, we're always striving to get better here at "late night." ♪ harder better faster stronger ♪ so before every show we put out a suggestion box for the audience just to get some feedback about what you guys think of the show, things you like to see us do, that kind of stuff. so let's look inside the "audience suggestion box." let's do it. ♪ what's inside the box the suggestion box ♪ >> jimmy: there you go. thank you guys for sending these in. "hey, jimmy, can you put your microphone up to your chest so we can hear your heart beat." [ light laughter ] sorry, i've never tried that before, but -- [ heart beating ] pretty good. interesting. quest you want to try it? >> quest: sure. [ drum beat ] [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, pretty cool. frank, let's hear yours. [ percussion beat ] [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] all right. kirk. [ guitar riff ] [ cheers and applause ] all rig
Mar 4, 2013 1:00am PST
celibes. cuando en otra religiÓn no lo son, y hasta mil aÑos, no lo eran. >>> no es una visiÓn sumamente liberal, 77 carddenales fueron elegidos por benedicto xvi, el prÓximo papa sertan duro como juan pablo ii y benedicto xvi. >>> no, son cardenales nuevos, el conclave serÁ mas largo, como dicen y predicen, es gente nueva que trae mÁs ideas a la iglesia, no votaron nunca, y tendrÁn una visiÓn mÁs centrada, la pregunta en congregaciones generales que comienzan maÑana, es hacia donde llevamos a la iglesia, estÁn concientes que no tienen que votar por el mejor amigo, el mÁs bonito, el que caiga bien, es un punto critico, votarÁn por el mejor que convenga a una iglesia que testa fragmentada. >>> comenzamos a hablar de nuevos papas, algunos nombres. a quienes oyes en la prensa italiana, y cÓmo se manejan, las reglas son claras, no se pueden autopromover, es difÍcil que no haya grupos o tendencias, incluso en el vaticano. >>> los reformistas y progresistas son los menos, y perdieron a cabezas, fallecieron cardenales. nombres es una loterÍa, hay apuestas en roma, y candi
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Mar 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
in school and how do you get away from the question of some saying that is bringing religion in school? >> the original intent of separation of church and state to protect the church, not the state. but the real reason we wrote that, governor, we discovered on the journey for four years there is enormous biblical illiteracy. we are -- it is embarrassing being a young american who haven't learned the stories and you go to overseas and someone mentioned david and goliath and samp samp and you have no idea what is talked about. it is ridiculous as not knowing shakespeare. as literature it is literary malpractice. we are not suggesting, governor, that it should be taught in school as religion. we understand completely why that doesn't happen in public schoolings. but we do feel that it should be taught as literature. these stories are a fownation of western civilization, certainly this country . our money said in god we trust. our president had his hand on the bible. this time two biblings. these stories should be told. >> roma, you and mark are both believers and it is a challengin
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Mar 7, 2013 11:30pm PST
that baseball is a road to god just as our religion is a road to god just as buddhism is a road to god and the more important thing is that we all get used to finding god in this world. >> stephen: how is baseball anything like -- god does not take nine innings. >> but god, like baseball, is timeless. >> stephen: baseball feels timeless. [laughter] >> see now, the key that i'm trying to get at in this book is the fact that -- what we as human beings should be doing is searching for meaning. frequently meaning is that which we can learn and put in a mind, especially a wonderful mind like yours. [laughter] but frequently the real meaning of life can't be put in cognitive terms. there's a word i use in my course and in the book it can't be reduced to words. we experience it. the way we know we're in love, for example. the way we know life as meaning. >> stephen: i like that inhe havable thing because i can say something is true and go, i can't schain it, i'm right though -- i can't explain it. i'm right though. [cheers and applause] and many -- [cheers and applause] >> stephen: i'm ineff
Mar 2, 2013 7:00am EST
, democratic republic of congo and did remarkable things while they're. speaking of religion and faith, when we first met and international treat some years ago we were talking about exactly this. how do you not burnout? she said public health is my religion. so whatever works for you, work it. >> hello. from kentucky -- [talking over each other] >> no way! [talking over each other] >> i am -- [inaudible] -- i am finishing and i also felt inspired by appellation, they want to pursue public health, health disparities. it plagues our homes and i just wanted to ask, in a lot of gendered classes we talk about what is the best way to address gender inequalities? is it top down? do you start with government? is the grassroots? do you want to know where it is? >> it is both. it is both. >> thank you for that question, thank you for sharing that. >> i am elizabeth barnett, i was fortunate this summer to travel to india, we were there for two weeks and was struck the full time by the amount of garbage in india. and so my question is how do we get anyone to care about their health when the first
Mar 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
. el presidente obama sostuvo encuentros con lideres de diversas religiones. y como nos dice lourdes en washington hoy obama pidiÓ que oren. >>> se uniÓ a lideres de la iglesia catÓlica, mormona y judÍa que se reunieron con el presidente obama por dos horas. dicen que les pidiÓ oraciones para que la reforma se haga una realidad y discutieron una estrategia polÍtica. >>> el primero que nada pidiÓ orasp oraciones. >>> el mandatario les dijo que espera q el senado apruebe su proyecto en junio. >>> esperamos ver algo antes del verano. >>> y que debe ofrecer ciudadanÍa 11 millones de indocumentados. >>> que nuestro paÍs debe tomar una posiciÓn moral, si es moral necesitan el sistema polÍtico, el sistema polÍtico necesita que la iglesia entre en el dialogo. >>> la cuaresma presenta una oportunidad. >>> aprovechar este tipo de pascua, de celebraciÓn cristiana para empujar a los conservadoras que todavÍa no estÁn convencidos. >>> el presidente se reuniÓ brasil el tema de la reforma con activistas. >>> el presidente pidiÓ el Énfasis de perseguir a empleadores que los explotan,
Mar 9, 2013 6:00am EST
blessings and love, bringing together all of those blessings of all of the religions, of all societies, all the love that exists in this universe, to bring us together." and we know this is the way that we feel, commander. and in our prayers, people say that it is time to forgive. and you taught us, you taught us about that infinite love that you need to have in order to forgive during the most trying of times. no leader in the history of our country has been so maligned, so vilified, and so violent attack than our own commander, our president, never in 200 years have so many lies been told about a man, not neither here nor anywhere else in the world. even boulevard, who was of course betrayed, but they never dared to vilify him during his time and even after his time. but they could not do it. the allies and the hatred could not do it, because here he is -- allies and the hatred could not do it, because here he is, our commander. why couldn't they do it? you know why, dear and a steam-- esteemed heads of state who have brought your pure love and shown that to this man beyond
Mar 7, 2013 2:30am PST
religion, but particularly islam, there's not always a clear understanding to what the first amendment guarantees, which is the right to teach about a religion but not proselytize about it. i think there's fear of associating with anyone associated with islam. there are events outside our control that creates more interest and unfortunately also makes people more afraid. one of the programs we are about to launch is putting all our content online so a teacher in north dakota where there are no muslim, potentially, no expert can come to her classroom, they can go to our web site and download the content and teach the things we are teaching. >> i think partnerships are the best way to overcome the limitations because we all have limitations. and sometimes it's just visibility. we actually have on our web site 50 short films and one of them is a muslim student from a school in fremont going to a school in arinda talking about what it's like going to school as a muslim in the united states and they are asking questions and you see we are all kids in school and we have more similarities tha
Mar 3, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >>> republican delegates cast their votes. >> reporter: because of her religion her loyalty is to the muslim religion. she is not republican. dhillon is not muslim but rather sikh. >> you're going to have a few crazy people and biggots and our party is no different. >> i can't believe this is what we've been spending our time wasting around doing. in the meantime we have a 2/3 super majority of the democrats in the state capital. >> reporter: she refused to answer a reporter's question. there was no sign of isenburn just before the votes were tallied. and dhillon declared the winner.dhillon now becomes the first republican chair of california. in sacramento, david munick ktvu news. >>> new information tonight about a rash of robberies in the peninsula and the public area where is many of these crimes are taking place. >>> a major breakthrough today as researchers announce had the a baby born with hiv has been cured. >>> and is protection against identity theft really scare away the thieves? in a ktvu special report we'll take a closer look at the effectiveness of one such company. you
Mar 4, 2013 6:00am PST
to become ivice chairman f the california's gop, she's the first woman of sikh religion to hold that post. this election was not without controversy. the head of san bernardino county's federation of republic women wrote on facebook that because of her religion, her loyalty is toward the muslim religion. the posting says she's not a republican. party leaders denouncing the comment as racist and hateful. they are deciding whether to punish the member who made those comments. >>> a bit of hollywood stops by san jose. actor harrison ford attended cinequest last night to accept this year's maverick spirit award. the award recognizes an individual who embodies the independent and innovative mindset. the actor shows that spirit in new film "42" set to be released this spring. ford plays the brooklyn dodgers owner who signed jackie robinson and made history. >> i think it's an important american story that serves as well to hear well told and so i'm just happy to have worked on what i think is going to be a very good film. >> ford loves what he does and will continue working as long as the
Mar 8, 2013 3:00pm PST
bottom, from the economy and technology up to the religion. the problem is that what we find in the field as data is primarily information on technology, on the material culture. you find buildings and pot shards and stone tools and things like that. so how do you move from that data to the organization of society and then to their religion and these other aspects of culture ? and there is only one way to do that. and that is to go to living populations, living cultures that are being studied by ethnographers, by our colleagues in cultural anthropology, and use them as analogies. keach: in the 1970s, anthropologists documented a society called the kawelka in the highlan of papua new guinea. the kawelka society numbers about 1,000. they could be either a tribe or a chiefdom, because the population limits defining social types are not fixed. here in the highlands, people raise sweet potatoes and pigs. like the first residents of copan, no one here has acquired great individual wealth. but men like ongka can acquire great prestige and influence. such leaders are called "big men," and t
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Mar 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
malaise of the west. we in the west have a strange relationship with religion, we are spiritual but none of us like organized religion. we have a strange relationship with the truth, too, your truth and my truth, but we don't like to suggest that my truth has anything to do with your truth. we keep to ourselves and be tolerant of one another. in a world where that could cause problems because if there is no connection between your truth and my truth, there is no common ground we can come together. i think pope benedict will be remembered for proposing a way of addressing the realities of human life that allow forces the recognition of truth that we can agree upon. that can build the basis for how we shape our lives together. >> heather: speaking of moving forward, what is the most important characteristic needed in the next pope. will they look at age as a factor? >> reporter: there will be a lot of factors that are considered by the cardinals. most important thing is that the pope is first and foremost a witness, he is an apostle, an heir to st. peter. his job is to christian witness in
Mar 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
friends that because of her religion her loyalty is to the muslim religion so she will defend the muslim without hesitation. she is not republican. party leaders denounce the comments as racist, hateful, and dhillon quickly brushed them off as well. >> you're going to have a few crazy people and bigots. and our party is no different. >> they say it is deciding whether to punish the member who made that offensive remark. >>> a hollywood great was in a south bay tonight at the cine gls quest film festival. harrison ford was there and we had an one-on-one interview with that famous actor. now in san jose with the details. it must have been a thrill to talk to indiana jones himself. >> he was. indiana jones and hans solo, my favorite growing up as a kid. it was neat for all of us who got to meet him. harrison ford told us he's been asked to come to cinequest for years now and finally gave him a reason to do so. he is honored by the award to just be a part of the film festival. >> i'm very honored to be here to receive this award. i appreciate it. >> reporter: harrison ford now joins a
Mar 6, 2013 11:35pm PST
a pope should stay one religion. [ laughter ] >> why do you think they chose a teenage pope? >> i guess they want a new change, maybe have the teenagers to get into the religion as well, since now, like, preteens and teens are not into it. maybe a new trend they're doing. >> what's his name? >> pope -- the new pope? >> pope the new pope. >> yeah. >> anything you'd like to tell the new pope? >> well, i'd like to tell you you're doing an amazing job. i think you'll be great. and go you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we need to go us, too. when we come back, my cousin sal wreaks havoc working at a temp agency. jessica simpson is here. jim jefferies is here, and we have music from luke bryan. so come back. [ male announcer ] it's surprising what your mouth goes through in a day. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't enough to keep it clean. fortunately, you've got listerine®. unlike brushing which misses 75% of your mouth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so what are you waiting for? it's time to take your mouth to a whole new level of health
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Mar 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
attracted. it takes me back to obama and first campaign, guns and religion. >> i thought you were going to say.... >> bob: people cling that their religion when they are in bad economic times like this. i think you find people looking for spiritual guidance. that is why churches are getting more people and i think it's a good thing. >> did you admit we are in bad economic times. >> bob: relatively. >> eric: so sunday night, big night, i believe it was 8:00 eastern and 9:00 another production, celebrity apprentice and walking dead was on. i was completely trifurcated. >> bob: were you drunk? >> eric: picking between the three. is this the series that gets played every single year at holiday time, ben hur. >> bob: anybody else have a view. >> the book is usually better than the movie. it's a good reminder to revisit the story that helped shape your faith. i have a children's bible. i loved it and pictures in it. >> bob: what about you. >> andrea: they marketed it very well, but the point of this, we heard right and left that christianity is dead from newsweek. we heard them elevate christian
Mar 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
race or religion. and then i had another trial after this was done in another jurisdiction that shall go unnamed, and i would say there were maybe 5 percent of the jurors, potential jurors, who had had meaningful contact with a person of a different race or ethnicity and that's really what this is about. one of my least favorite words is the word tolerance because, you know, i tolerate brussel sprouts but if you simply tolerate the diversity that is america, you are going to, you are aspiring for mediocrity. when we have, and this gets back to your question, when we have leaders that embrace diversity and that build a culture that says, you know what, if you want to compete in the global economy tomorrow, pal, you've got to embrace diversity. why does coca-cola write a brief to the united states supreme court and general motors and microsoft on issues of diversity and higher education? because they know if they want to get ahead, they've got to embrace that diversity. if they want to continue to be a fortunes 50 company, there's got to embrace diversity. similarly if we want to
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